As long as they don’t send you a bill, you’ll be fine!

Seriously, I am not surprised they asked for a donation. That seems to be what everyone does who has a cause.

I have written to many Congress people and Senators and get email, regular mail and phone calls asking for donations. And then there are all those other places asking me for money or donations like Purple Heart, Cancer and Heart Associations, and Police and Firefighter associations!

I always tell them I will sell them some of my art at a good price, then they can have a raffle or auction and sell it. So far, my idea has gone over like a lead balloon! LOL
But a few people have said they like my idea, and will pass it on. Who knows if they really did though.

I really think these places asking for money need to come up with some creative ways to do it. There are alot of artist/craftspeople in this country who would donate their creations or sell them at a reduced price for the exposure at a political event.

And it’s a horrible shame that our government is allowing the credit card companies to go so far. But they are extremely wealthy and powerful and have a lot more sway than we do. How sad.

On the other hand – I hate to give in to it, though. Because the right we as citizens have to be able to have credit should not be jeapordized. Grant it, we could raise a huge voice by not using it and boycotting the companies. In fact, an article posted on another group stated that the companies were hurting because so many customers were paying the accounts off and closing them (I love that!).

While that is effective – I still hate being forced into forfeiting my freedom to have credit if I want it by this sort of power. Reform IS necessary, just simply for the fact that it’s not fair for us to have to deny ourselves credit because of their practices.

I honestly wonder if there are any representatives who would stand against them and fight for reform, though. Money talks and gets votes. And that DOES leave us with only that option—-to just not have credit.

No, I don’t think you’re wrong. To a certain point, too, a person has to not be surprised at such interest when they default on payments, etc. Credit card companies have always relied on that to recoup for slow payments, etc. But the “universal default” the credit card companies practice, allows the interest to be raised without warning if the creditor sees something on your credit report they don’t like, with another creditor. Which has no bearing whatsoever on their account with you. They should just not have that ability.

That’s true. I did have one error last december, but when I made up for it and always paid more… I was surprised they would be so spiteful.

I agree… If I didn’t default to them directly, they shouldn’t be able to come at me for something else.

I would need to sell some more shirts and such, as I’ve tried the eBay route, and no one thinks as much of my things as they are really worth so I’m working most that I can and plodding along paying things down. Never defaulting (Other than that foible in December) on any of them.

I will be so happy to be rid of this stuff.