Phone Calls

I spoke to a creditor on Tuesday about my account. However, I keep getting phone calls from them twice a day about the same thing. They all keep saying that they will document my account, but they aren’t. I have sent a stop communication letter via phone letter to them and I know they received it. Is there any way to stop these annoying calls other than what I tried?

You are going to have to send them the drop dead letter – certified mail. That is the only legal proof that they recieved it. Then when the call, immediately ask for a manager. Tell them they are in violation of Federal law and if they call again, you will legal action against them.

If they call back after that, document the date, time and telephone number they called you at and if you have caller-id, the number they called from. Then call a lawyer and see about suing them.

I may be wrong, but I think it is only the collection agencies that need to stop calling once a person has notified them to stop. I think it is legal for the CC co’s to call and no amount of asking them to stop will help as long as a person is not current on payments.

I sent IC Systems a certified letter and I have not had a call since last Friday!! It worked! Thanks to everyone’s suggestions, I have peaceful days and nights.